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PowerShell Universal

49999per server

PowerShell Universal is the ultimate platform for building web-based IT tools. Many of the features can be used without a license. A license provides the ability to enable authentication, run unlimited jobs and via dashboard diagnostics.

Per Feature Pricing

Buy only the features that you’re interested in.

Universal API

9999per server

Universal Automation

24999per server

Universal Dashboard

24999per server

License FAQ:

What’s a server?

A server refers to a single instance of Universal. When you start up a new Universal server, even if it’s on the same machine, you’ll need a license.

What do I get in the free version?

The free version allows you to create APIs, run scripts and build dashboards without buying a license. APIs and dashboard authentication cannot be enabled. You are limited to 25 jobs per day and 2 concurrent jobs. Dashboard diagnostics are not available.

Do you offer enterprise licensing?

Please contact us for more information on licensing your enterprise for Universal.

Do you offer free licenses for Microsoft MVPs?

We provide free NRF licenses to Microsoft MVPs. Please contact us for more information.