Powerful tools for PowerShell Developers

Take your PowerShell skills to the next level. 

PowerShell Pro Tools

  • Desktop Applications

    PowerShell Pro Tools enables desktop application development with WPF and Windows Forms in Visual Studio.

  • Neat little packages

    In Visual Studio and the command line, package scripts and modules as executables.

  • Convert code

    Using both the command line and a right click menu in Visual Studio you can convert between C# and PowerShell.

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PowerShell Universal Dashboard

  • Websites in PowerShell

    Build and host websites in PowerShell. Your scripts are both the definition of the interface as well as the endpoints. No JavaScript required. 

  • Use Your Existing Skills

    There is no need to learn all the various web technologies to get up and running. Just write PowerShell scripts to display that data you want. Host in the command line, Azure or IIS. 

  • PowerShell as a Service

    Build web services with simple PowerShell scripts to expose functionality to any system that can call a REST endpoint. 

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Powerful Tools for Powershell Developers