PowerShell Universal is trusted by hundreds of organizations serving thousands of users



Expose your PowerShell scripts as REST APIs. Call them from any platform that can communicate over HTTP. Whether it be Windows, Linux or IOT, you will be able to call your PowerShell scripts. Secure them with app tokens and rate limit to prevent abuse.


Replace task scheduler with a platform built for running PowerShell scripts. Schedule jobs, run as alternate accounts and access all the output and data that's usually buried away. Provide scripts to users that don't need to know how they work and let them handle tickets themselves.

User Interfaces

Create custom tools for your users to integrate with all your platforms using a single website. Enable non-technical users the ability to complete techinical tasks without the need to expose credentials or run scripts directly. With over 40 built in components and a large collection of user-built components, you can create exactly the tool you need for your environment. Take advantage of the drag and drop designer to create simple websites without having to write any PowerShell script.


PowerShell Universal is a cross-platform solution the runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, docker and more. The platform offers five different authentication methods that provide role-based access across the system. Script-based configuration seamlessly integrates with git to enable DevOps best practices and rapid deployments with a code-first solution.

Use Cases

Self-Service Tools

Build self-service tools for users in your environment to manage any platform they need access to.

Heterogeneous Integration

Integrate with any type of tool, on any platform with standard HTTP requests.

Desktop Automation

Run PowerShell Universal as a desktop application and automate your local machine.