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User Interface Design

Take advantage of the Visual Studio Windows Forms and WPF designers to develop PowerShell scripts. Quickly drag and drop controls to create new forms without having to write code. Use the standalone Ironman Software Form designer in Visual Studio Code.

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Package Scripts

Package scripts as executables. Bundle in modules, assemblies and XAML files. Include the PowerShell Core v6 runtime directly in your assembly so there is no need to install .NET Core or PowerShell Core on target machines.

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Profile Performance

Profile the performance of your scripts directly in Visual Studio Code to see line by line execution time and call counts. Quickly identify slow sections of code.

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Convert Code

Convert between C# and PowerShell code to easily take snippets of either language and convert it to the other. Quickly create P\Invoke functions in PowerShell from C# snippets found on sites like Pinvoke.net.

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PowerShell Pro Tools

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