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PowerShell Pro Tools Suite

Take your PowerShell skills to the next level with PowerShell Pro Tools.

Just looking for a Windows Form Designer for PowerShell? Check out PSScriptpad.

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Why PowerShell Pro Tools?


The PowerShell Pro Tools Suite includes the following tools.

PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio

PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio Code


PowerShell Pro Tools PowerShell Module

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PowerShell 6 and 7 Support

PowerShell Pro Tools enables the use of PowerShell 6 and 7 within Visual Studio. Take advantage of the latest features coming from the Microsoft PowerShell team.

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Missing the ISE? PSScriptPad is the tiny, little editor for PowerShell. No installation or configuration required. This tiny, little editor is a single file, only 4MB, supports editing and debugging and even has a form designer.

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Script Analysis

PowerShell Pro Tools integrates with PSScriptAnalyzer to provide notification of potential issues with the ability to quickly fix them. Take advantage of solution wide analysis to locate issues within your entire code-base.

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User Interface Design

Take advantage of the Visual Studio Windows Forms and WPF* designers to develop PowerShell scripts. Quickly drag and drop controls to create new forms without having to write code. Use the standalone Ironman Software Form designer in Visual Studio Code.

*Visual Studio required for WPF development.

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Package Scripts

Package scripts as executables. Bundle in modules, assemblies and XAML files. Include the PowerShell 6 or 7 runtime directly in your executable so there is no need to install .NET Core or PowerShell on target machines.

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Profile Performance

Profile the performance of your scripts directly in Visual Studio Code to see line by line execution time and call counts. Quickly identify slow sections of code.

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Convert Code

Convert between C# and PowerShell code to easily take snippets of either language and convert it to the other. Quickly create P\Invoke functions in PowerShell from C# snippets found on sites like Pinvoke.net.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PSScriptPad a replacement for VS Code?2020-01-11T23:53:14+00:00

No. PSScriptPad is just an alternative to VS Code. It currently only supports Windows PowerShell and doesn’t have all the features and extensibility you will find in VS Code. That said, it’s much smaller and faster to launch. It’s great for quickly editing and debugging scripts but might not be suitable for working on large projects. That said, it has features that VS Code does not including a Windows Form Designer and script packaging.

How does PowerShell Pro Tools licensing work?2020-10-02T19:16:03+00:00

PowerShell Pro Tools is licensed per user. Each user will need their own license. That user can use that license on as many machines as they are using but only if they are the sole user. Licenses are perpetual and include one year of maintenance. To renew maintenance, you will need to purchase another license at 50% of the original purchase price. You will be emailed one month before your license expires with a coupon for a maintenance renewal.

How does PowerShell Pro Tools compare to Sapien PowerShell Studio?2019-09-06T03:13:55+00:00

PowerShell Pro Tools augments PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Code PowerShell extension. Rather than a dedicated PowerShell scripting environment, PowerShell Pro Tools integrates into existing development environments. PowerShell Pro Tools supports GUI creation via Windows Forms, packaging as executables and services and even creating installers, just like Sapien PowerShell Studio. Because PowerShell Pro Tools is built into Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, you also benefit from all the features of those environments such as Git integration. PowerShell Pro Tools even offers features, such as code conversion, that PowerShell Studio does not.

What do I get with a PowerShell Pro Tools license?2019-09-06T03:10:27+00:00

PowerShell Pro Tools provides a Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and PowerShell solution. The same license key applies to all three. If you choose to build forms in Visual Studio but package scripts in Visual Studio Code, you can use the same license for each. The license is good for one year of upgrades.

Can I get a free trial of PowerShell Pro Tools?2020-03-22T13:05:17+00:00

Yep. PowerShell Pro Tools provides an unlimited trial with limited features. We also offer a free trial of PowerShell Pro Tools for 21 days. You can request one here.