PowerShell Universal Dashboard

The web framework for PowerShell developers

Why Universal Dashboard?

Build interactive web sites with PowerShell scripts in a fraction of the time it would take to develop using traditional web frameworks.

Easily integrate with any PowerShell module to create users in Active Directory, display graphs from VMware or deploy resources to Azure.

Expose PowerShell scripts as REST APIs that you can access from any type of system.

Host your dashboards anywhere. Run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X using PowerShell Core. Stand up websites that run in Azure, IIS or as a Windows service.

Schedule PowerShell endpoints to collect data to provide to the web service or use with other systems.

Integrate with your existing Active Directory, OAuth or Forms authentication without having to write all the code.

Create dashboards for free with Universal Dashboard Community Edition.

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Web Server

The Universal Dashboard web server is powered by ASP.NET and can be hosted on Azure, IIS, Windows Services or directly in the command line.

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Extensive Component Library

Take advantage of predefined components. Use grids, charts, tables and input forms to create highly interactive and customizable websites. Create custom controls directly in PowerShell or extend the platform with new JavaScript components.

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Domain Specific Language

Universal Dashboard provides a domain specific language to easily describe the structure and function of your web site directly with PowerShell. Easily add dynamic controls for data visualization and user interaction.

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Using Universal Dashboard’s robust execution service to provide data for both websites, you can easily expose your PowerShell scripts as REST APIs. Define routes, accept JSON and form data and integrate with any system capable of communicating over HTTP.

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Built in Security

Take advantage of Active Directory, Azure AD, OAUth and forms authentication. Apply authorization policies to provide role-based access to users using the dashboard. Lock down REST APIs with JSON web tokens.

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Open Source

The core platform for Universal Dashboard is open source and freely available as Universal Dashboard Community Edition.

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