PowerShell Universal Dashboard

The web framework for PowerShell.

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Why PowerShell Universal Dashboard?


Try PowerShell Universal Dashboard today! You can run dashboards locally without a license.

Universal Dashboard
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Web Development

Develop websites without having to know HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Use your existing PowerShell knowledge and scripts to build tools that your team can start using today.

Built-In Web Server

Universal Dashboard has a web server built in. There is no need to rely on other hosting solutions. You can run the web site directly from the console. Once it’s ready for production, host your web site in Azure, AWS, IIS, a Windows Service, or behind NGINX.


Run Universal Dashboard where you need to. It supports Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Drive your IoT solutions by running your websites on Raspberry Pi or scale out by running in Docker containers.

Controls for Every Scenario

Universal Dashboard offers an extensive control library. Build input forms, maps, charts or grids. Create fully functional user interfaces with buttons, textboxes, and drop downs. Do it all without having to write a line of HTML.


Build REST APIs to expose your PowerShell scripts to heterogeneous systems. Allow other systems to send and receive data from your existing PowerShell investments. Secure your endpoints with JSON web tokens to provide a truly enterprise solution.

Powerful Security Controls

Control who has access to your resources with built-in authentication and authorization support. Integrate with identity systems such as Azure Active Directory and Active Directory. Authenticate against the cloud using OAuth provides like Microsoft, Facebook or Twitter. Control who has access when logged in with policy and role-based access.

License Information

  • License per dashboard

  • Free upgrades for a year

  • Money Back Guarantee


$9999per dashboard

Enterprise License

  • Unlimited Use