PowerShell Universal Dashboard

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PowerShell Universal Dashboard

The most popular web framework for PowerShell.

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Why PowerShell Universal Dashboard?


Join the fun today! You can run dashboards locally without a license.

Universal Dashboard Premium
Universal Dashboard Community

One of the great things about UD is the simplicity of building very well-designed websites with a very small amount of code.  My web coders are amazed at how it looks and how little effort was put into it.

PeterPeter Covach, Paper Transport

I am able to use Universal Dashboard to provide all the statistical information that people are looking for from the paid-for industry application that simply lacks this capability.

Adam Bacon, SQL Database Administrator


Web Development

Develop websites without having to know HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Use your existing PowerShell knowledge and scripts to build tools that your team can start using today.

Built-In Web Server

Universal Dashboard has a web server built in. There is no need to rely on other hosting solutions. You can run the web site directly from the console. Once it’s ready for production, host your web site in Azure, AWS, IIS, a Windows Service, or behind NGINX. ?


Run Universal Dashboard where you need to. It supports Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Drive your IoT solutions by running your websites on Raspberry Pi or scale out by running in Docker containers.

Controls for Every Scenario

Universal Dashboard offers an extensive control library. Build input forms, maps, charts or grids. Create fully functional user interfaces with buttons, textboxes, and drop downs. Do it all without having to write a line of HTML.

Check out the control and dashboard Marketplace for more controls and pre-made dashboards.


Build REST APIs to expose your PowerShell scripts to heterogeneous systems. Allow other systems to send and receive data from your existing PowerShell investments. Secure your endpoints with JSON web tokens to provide a truly enterprise solution.

Powerful Security Controls

Control who has access to your resources with built-in authentication and authorization support. Integrate with identity systems such as Azure Active Directory and Active Directory. Authenticate against the cloud using OAuth provides like Microsoft, Facebook or Twitter. Control who has access when logged in with policy and role-based access.

Premium Features

PowerShell Universal Dashboard Premium features all the flexibility of Community Edition but with additional controls, authentication and authorization. Take your Universal Dashboard game to the next level. ?

Forge App

Desktop Apps

Jump into modern development by taking advantage of UDForge to produce desktop apps from your Universal Dashboard web sites.

PowerShell UDStudio

Premium and Enterprise users can install PowerShell UDStudio right into VS Code. You can even set breakpoints in running dashboards to debug them just like you would with any other PowerShell script.

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License Information

  • License per dashboard

  • Free upgrades for a year

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Includes UDStudio

Premium License

$9999per dashboard

Enterprise License

  • Unlimited Use. Same features as Premium.

Feature Comparison




Web Pages



Command line



Windows Service


Basic Components

Code Editor




Nivo Charts


Input Forms


Scheduled Jobs


Login Pages

Policy Based Authorization

Role Based Authorization

Rest API Authentication


Customize Footer

Design Mode

In-Browser Terminal

Drag and Drop Layout



Frequently Asked Questions

What is PowerShell Universal Dashboard?2019-10-22T12:53:03+00:00

PowerShell Universal Dashboard is the most popular web framework for PowerShell. Check out this short video to find out more.

How does Universal Dashboard compare to Windows Forms?2019-10-15T17:01:08+00:00

Universal Dashboard is a web framework for PowerShell. It uses technologies that allow you to develop GUIs using PowerShell in the browser. It has a lot of the same functionality as WinForm development in PowerShell. You can create controls such as buttons, text boxes and charts. You can react to user input and interaction as well as invoke PowerShell scripts and cmdlets from your GUIs. Universal Dashboard also runs on any platform, unlike WinForms.

You can use Universal Dashboard Forge to build desktop applications with Universal Dashboard.

How does Universal Dashboard compare to Grafana?2019-09-06T02:58:31+00:00

Universal Dashboard and Grafana are completely different solutions. While Universal Dashboard can provide the same functionality as Grafana, it requires a working knowledge of PowerShell. Unlike it’s name may suggest, Universal Dashboard is much more than just dashboards. You can build entire tools using UD and PowerShell that accept user input, interact with React components and update dynamically. Grafana is all about reporting. UD is much more about providing a web framework for PowerShell.

How well does Universal Dashboard scale?2019-09-06T02:52:17+00:00

Universal Dashboard is built to service a couple thousand requests a second on good hardware. Don’t expect to use UD to run the next Stack Overflow or Reddit. It works perfectly well for internal tools that tens or hundreds of users are using but isn’t designed to service thousands or tens of thousands of users.

Do I need to know JavaScript, HTML and CSS to use Universal Dashboard?2019-09-06T02:48:16+00:00

Nope. Universal Dashboard is built for PowerShell users. You don’t need to know much about building websites to get UD up and running. A working knowledge of web technologies is nice to understand what you’ll be building and deploying but you don’t need to know anything about JavaScript, React, REST APIs or jQuery to get going. If you do know a thing or two about web development, you’ll find the UD provides a rich ecosystem to flex your webdev potential building custom controls on the UD platform.

Do you offer a trial for Universal Dashboard Premium?2019-09-06T02:45:16+00:00

Nope. You can use Universal Dashboard Premium for up to an hour before the web server stops responding. After this time, you can restart the web server and use it for another hour. This should allow you to adequately evaluate the solution without buying a license. That said, if you want a license but are unsure whether or not UD is a fit for your organization, we also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with UD. Purchase a license and you’ll be surprised what UD can do.

What does a PowerShell Universal Dashboard enterprise license provide?2020-01-14T18:20:49+00:00

PowerShell Universal Dashboard enterprise licensing is provided for users that require large scale deployments of Universal Dashboard. If you are running more than a hand full of dashboards, you should consider contacting us about pricing for an enterprise license that will allow you to run as many dashboards as you require in your organization. Depending on your use-case, the price will be far cheaper than the premium licensing.

What does a premium license get me?2019-09-06T02:40:41+00:00

A premium license of Universal Dashboard provides additional functionality on top of the Universal Dashboard Community edition. You have access to authentication, authorization and premium controls that are not available in Community. A license is good for a single dashboard. If you are running ten dashboards, using Start-UDDashboard, then you need ten licenses; even if they are running on the same server. A license is perpetual and you receive free upgrades for one year from the date of purchase.

Is Universal Dashboard just for displaying data?2019-09-06T02:37:08+00:00

Nope. Universal Dashboard is a web framework for PowerShell. You can create interactive websites, simple end-user tools or dashboards to display data. You aren’t limited to charts and graphs. Build tools to make your help desk colleagues more productive.