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PowerShell Universal provides an extensive list of features that will help you or your organization centralize and secure your PowerShell environment and empower your end users through a customizable web portal.


Expose scripts as RESTful HTTP APIs for integration from any platform.

User Interfaces

Build web-based tools for internal users with highly interactive user interfaces that run your scripts.


PowerShell Universal is cross-platform and can be hosted on-premise, in the cloud or even on a Raspberry Pi.


Grant role-based access to different aspects of your automation environment with your choice of authentication and authorization integrations.


Create desktop automation and user interfaces that integrate with features of Windows.


Take advantage of rich development tools such as IntelliSense, code formatting, error checking and debugger integration without leaving your browser.


Join the growing community of users managing their automation environments with PowerShell Universal.

Use Cases

What are folks building with PowerShell Universal?


Self-Service Tools

Build self-service tools for users in your environment to manage any platform they need access to.

Heterogeneous Integration

Integrate with any type of tool, on any platform with standard HTTP requests.

Desktop Automation

Run PowerShell Universal as a desktop application and automate your local machine.