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What is an IT help desk?

An IT Help Desk is a suite of tools your users can leverage to troubleshoot issues, allow for self-service support and notify the correct people to get things fixed and your users up and running.

Allow employees to help themselves

Provide self-service help desk tools to allow your employees to solve the problems themselves. You can use PowerShell to reset passwords, onboard employees and even roll out new software.

Self-service help desk portal
PowerShell GUI Designer

Simple Tool Development

Create both desktop and web-based tools to help your users help themselves. Leverage your existing PowerShell scripts but provide an interface that gets rid of the guess work. Build GUIs that make it easier than ever to get the job done.

Analytics built on the tools you already have

Build dashboards using any data source by leveraging the existing PowerShell skills in your organization. Skip learning hard to use and expensive software and build interactive web apps using your existing scripts to focus on what matters.

PowerShell Dashboard
PowerShell Dashboard

Easily scheduled automation

Skip the task scheduler and use an automation platform built for PowerShell. Leverage the scripts you already have in an easy to use platform that enables DevOps best practices.

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