Note: Universal Dashboard Community Edition is no longer supported. You can still use the Dashboard components of Universal for free

Universal Dashboard is module for developing web-based dashboards, multi-site webpages and REST APIs using PowerShell. The community around UD, including the number of discussions, blog posts and support from users, has been increasing quickly. In order to better support a community driven product, I’d like to announce Universal Dashboard Community Edition!

This version of UD is open-source, LGPL licensed and available for free. It contains a subset of UD features but offers the core web-development, hosting and dashboarding users have come to love.

Open-Source Universal Dashboard

The source code for Universal Dashboard can now be found on GitHub. The same repository you’ve been using to submit issues can now be used to view and fork the source code for UD. UD is licensed as LGPL. This copyleft license ensures that you can use UD in your projects without releasing your source code as long as you don’t modify the UD source. If you do modify the UD source, you can contribute it back to the UD repository and you won’t need to open source your project.

Installing Community Edition

Community Edition comes as a separate module on the PowerShell Gallery. You can download the 2.0 Beta 1 version from the Gallery now.

Install-Module UniversalDashboard.Community -AllowPrerelease

If you are running PowerShell v5.1, you’ll need to make sure you have PowerShellGet 1.6.0 or later installed.

Universal Dashboard Enterprise Edition

Current license holders of UD will have access to Universal Dashboard Enterprise Edition. Enterprise Edition supports features that Community does not.

  • Commercial Licensing
  • Dashboard and REST API Authentication
  • Branding

Enterprise features will be built as a plugin to the UD Community Edition. Once released, Enterprise Edition for UD 2.0 can be installed from the Gallery.

Enterprise will continue to be the same module you’ve used in the past.

Install-Module UniversalDashboard

To support existing users, the UniversalDashboard module will install both the Community and Enterprise module. This means that if you are using UD today, you’ll be able to use UD 2.0 just the same.

Universal Dashboard 1.7.0

Also, being released today is Universal Dashboard 1.7.0. This release focuses on some bug fixes as well as a couple new cmdlets. There may be future 1.7.x releases to patch any issues with the 1.7.0 release but any new feature work will be done within the UD GitHub repository.


Show and hide modal content. A modal will pop up and allow you to show additional information, warn users or force them to take action.


Redirect users to different UD pages or different websites all together.