Universal Automation 1.0 

Today, we’re happy to announce the 1.0 release of Universal Automation!

Universal Automation is the automation platform built for PowerShell. It integrates tightly with the PowerShell execution environment to provide a robust system for running and scheduling your scripts. Over the past month, we’ve fixed a large set of issues and implemented features desired by the community.

We’ve improved performance, fixed issues with hosting in IIS, made it easier to configure authentication and added support for meta-data information in jobs.

You can download the 1.0 version of Universal Automation from the PowerShell Gallery.

Universal Automation sells for 249.99 USD an agent (perpetual, includes 1 year of upgrades).

What’s next for UA? 

We have a big backlog of features we are looking at for our next versions of UA. Please feel free to vote for features or submit your own issues. Later this year, we will begin work on more enterprise-level features such as SQL server support and high availability.

Universal Automation Desktop 

In addition to our 1.0 release, we are also releasing a new tool built on the Universal Automation framework. Universal Automation Desktop is an Electron application that includes the same Universal Automation module that you get from the Gallery. It’s easily installed, provides a simple and easy to use interface and even integrates with desktop features such as keyboard shortcuts.

You can download UA Desktop from our Downloads page. It’s currently only supported on Windows. We’d love to hear what platforms you’d want us to support and we will release new versions based on demand.

User Interface

The user interface offers much of what is available in the UA Dashboard. It provides the ability to view scripts, schedule them, view jobs, provide feedback, set variables and run scripts by specifying parameters in the interface.

Desktop Integration 

UA Desktop makes it easy to open VS Code from within the app and pop over to your script folder to edit any scripts you may be executing or scheduling. The folder layout is the same as the server version of UA.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can assign global keyboard shortcuts to your scripts so at any time you can press the shortcut to pop open the UA Desktop interface and execute the script that has been assigned.

Differences between UA Desktop and Server 

UA Desktop does not support role-based access or app tokens. There is no way to login to UA Desktop. It runs as a local process and executes scripts locally. The UA instance is not accessible remotely.

UA Desktop sells for 99.99 USD per user per year.

What’s next for UA Desktop?

UA Desktop will continue to improve with the improvement of UA itself. We have plans to enhance the script input forms, provide notifications about the status of scripts, run UA Desktop as a service and eventually allow for the connection of UA Desktop to UA servers. UA Desktop will automatically update when a new version is available.