Universal API

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Universal API

Universal API is the simple way to develop REST APIs in PowerShell.

Universal API is part of PowerShell Universal.

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Why Universal API?

Easily build APIs with just a few lines of PowerShell script. Take advantage of the Universal Admin Console to generate the scripts you need to build your endpoints. Integrate any system that can talk over the HTTP protocol with PowerShell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Universal API and Universal Automation?2020-06-09T02:30:17+00:00

While both Universal API and Universal Automation provide REST API support, Universal API is much more customizable in the endpoints that you define. You can specify and route, method and script block to be executed with Universal API. Unlike Universal Automation, each job is not audited with Universal API. You will not be able to see each request that came in, the output or the result of the execution. Unlike Universal Automation, Universal API is designed for maximum speed and will not start a new PowerShell process with each execution.

How many requests per second can Universal API process?2020-06-09T02:32:17+00:00

Without executing any PowerShell, Universal API can process around 500 requests per second on standard hardware. Depending on what PowerShell scripts you are calling within your API, your throughput will differ.