For the last few years, we’ve been using trial keys to enable users to test out PowerShell Pro Tools before purchasing it. Recently, we also implemented the same model for Universal Automation. The steps where to download and install the software, visit our website, “purchase” a trial key after clicking 2 buttons and filling out a form, receiving the trial key, installing the trial key and activating the software.

That’s too much work.

With the latest release of PowerShell Pro Tools and Universal Automation, we are no longer requiring trial keys to test out the software. Instead, we will be limiting the functionality of the trial software. Purchasing a license will open the software up to its full potential. If there is a need for a fully functional trial, please let us know. We can still generate trial keys. If you’re all ready using a trial key, you’re all good.

This is how Universal Dashboard has always worked. We are just moving all our products to that model. Below is a list of restrictions for trials.

Restrictions for PowerShell Pro Tools Trial Versions

  • Windows Forms Designer can only generate 100 lines of script
  • Script Packager will have a notification when starting packaged exe
  • Script Analysis will only return up to 3 issues.
  • Code conversion only supports 20 lines
  • Profiling only supports 20 lines
  • PSScriptPad has a delay when opening

Restrictions on Universal Automation

  • Run up to 3 jobs concurrently
  • Maximum 100 jobs per day

Restrictions on Universal Dashboard

  • 1-hour runtime before having to restart
  • No remote access