Setting up a Publisher Account

To setup a Publisher Account, you need to register on the Publisher Registration page. After setting up your account, you will want to customize your public profile for your Publisher Account.

Click on the Account button on the menu bar above.

From your Account page, you can click the Dashboard link to visit your Publisher Dashboard.

On the Publisher Dashboard, click the Profile Page Settings and then click the Public Profile link. You can customize your display name, URL, cover photo and profile picture.

Publishing Items

To publish new items, you can click the Publish Item link in the navigation bar or click the Item Manager\Publish Item link.

The first step is to select a category. To publish a dashboard, select the Universal Dashboard Dashboards category. This is required for approval to the Marketplace.

Next, you will need to fill out all the information about your dashboard. A title and description are required. Images are greatly encouraged as it will allow people to see what your dashboard looks like. After filling out the basic information, you can then provide the dashboard ZIP file. This should contain the dashboard scripts. Click the Upload icon to add a file and provide a name.

After uploading the file, it’s encouraged to provide attributes to your dashboard. Important attributes to include are the supported editions of UD, the versions you tested your dashboard on and the version of the dashboard itself.

Finally, you can provide tags to make it easier for people to find your dashboard.

Once you have completed this form, you can click submit. The dashboard is now submitted for approval. Once it’s approved it will appear in the Ironman Software Marketplace under the Dashboards section.

Editing Your Dashboard

Click on Item Manager and then the My Items link. This will show a table of all your dashboards. You’ll be able to edit the dashboard posting, update the file published or delete it all together.