Universal Dashboard is the most popular web framework for PowerShell. 

I’m happy to announce the release of Universal Dashboard 2.8. This release has a few cool new features and a bunch of bug fixes. You can download it from the PowerShell Gallery.

Support for OpenID Connect

This version of UD now supports authenticating against OpenID Connect providers. All you’ll need to do is configure UD’s authentication methods using New-UDAuthenticationMethod using the OpenID parameter set.

Support for On-Behalf-Of Token Generation

As part of the OpenID Connect implementation, you can also specify to receive access tokens to other resources using your OpenID login. For example, this will allow your users to log in to UD with their AzureAD credentials and then manage Azure or Microsoft Graph resources using their own account.

Support for Invoking JavaScript from Endpoints

You can now use Invoke-UDJavaScript to run arbitrary JavaScript code from your UD endpoints.

Release Notes

For full release notes, visit the docs page.