Bug Fixes

Bug in UD 2.4: running in IIS locally fails w/ Enterprise w/o license – Reported by bielawb

Error while loading UD 2.4 on raspbian – Reported by DanielSSilva

UDTable size and position are not saved in a UDGridLayout – Reported by adamdriscoll

Cannot type in any textbox that is in the UDGridLayout – Reported by adamdriscoll

New-UDMonitor does not update on 2.4 – Reported by rickyxsosa

New-UDButton -Icon wont show selected icon on the button after starting dashboard – Reported by wsl2001

Warning Message in browser after 2.4.0 deployed – Reported by wsl2001

2.4.0: breaking changes or issue in buttons when passing variables? – Reported by PorreKaj

2.4.0 Grid sort is always descending – Reported by PorreKaj

2.4.0 – Hamburger menu icons vary in size – Reported by PorreKaj

Components are always white in 2.4.0 – Reported by PorreKaj