Available now, on the PowerShell Gallery, is PowerShell Universal Dashboard 1.4.0! It includes numerous fixes to the 1.3.0 release and previous 1.4.0 beta releases. It also includes the ability to create custom elements via PowerShell or JavaScript. In additional, there is new functionality to define and use themes to avoid having to put colors throughout your dashboard definitions.

Download the new module to try it now!

Install-Module PowerShell Universal Dashboard

Custom Elements

Custom elements can be created with the new New-UDElement cmdlet. This cmdlet supports both PowerShell-based elements and JavaScript-based elements.

To create a custom element in PowerShell, you use New-UDElement to define the HTML tags and attributes you’d like to use. Here is an example of defining a Materialize chip view New-UDElement.

You can then use that the New-UDChip cmdlet in your dashboard or share it with others so they can too!

The resulting dashboard component looks like this.

For more examples of a PowerShell-based custom elements, visit the UniversalDashboard.MaterialDesign GitHub repository.

For an example of a JavaScript-based custom element, visit the UniversalDashboard.Sparklines GitHub repository.

Documentation on custom elements can be found here.


Themes can now be selected with the Get-UDTheme cmdlet. There are 6 built in themes to choose from. Themes can then be provided to the New-UDDashboard cmdlet.

Here is an example of using the Azure theme with a dashboard.

The resulting dashboard looks like this.

You can create custom themes with New-UDTheme. You can also base your custom theme on a built in theme to modify only certain colors.

Creating new themes based on existing themes is as easy as this.

Documentation on themes can be found here.

Issues Resolved

  • #216 Themes
  • #234 Colors for CollapsibleItem
  • #235 Active Parameter of New-UDCollapsibleItem not working
  • #236 Have to click twice to expand a CollapsibleItem for the first time after page has been loaded
  • #237 Not all icons are working
  • #243 Erroneous HTTP Warn when Certificate is supplied in 1.3.0, 1.4.0-Beta2
  • #245 New-UDCard Content Option
  • #248 Microsoft Authentication throws a 500 error
  • #249 Page Name Whitespace Replacement
  • #252 Json is returned when visiting /login
  • #253 REST APIs are not working in 1.4.0 beta
  • #259 Empty UDGrid – MAX_SAFE_INTEGER is not defined
  • #260 JSON text returned after close/resume session