We are rolling out a new build of PowerShell Universal to fix a series of issues as well as to introduce Linux support.

PowerShell Universal is the ultimate platform for building tools with PowerShell.

PowerShell 1.1.1


Release Date: 5-25-2020

Included Dashboard Assets

  • Universal Dashboard v2.9.1-beta2
  • Universal Dashboard v3.0.0-beta4
  • Universal Dashboard Charts v1.0.0
  • Universal Dashboard Map v1.0.0


– Sign dashboard framework modules
– Unblock dashboard files before executing them
– Set execution policy on Windows
– Change default web.config to use correct settings
– Fixed a scoping issue with v2 New-UDPage
– Added debug logging to dashboard logging
– Fixed an issue where assigning a dashboard with a baseurl of “/” would break Universal
– Fixed custom component loading
– Added Nivo, Sparklines, and Map components
– Fixed an issue that would prevent adding dashboards after selecting a PS version
– Fixed a scoping issue with UD endpoints
– Linux Support