Visual Studio: Solution Wide Analysis

PowerShell Pro Tools now uses PSScriptAnalyzer to analyze all the scripts within your solution in the background. You will still see tags on the active file, but the error list will also report any issues with any PSM1 or PS1 files in your solution.

Visual Studio: PSScriptAnalyzer Settings

You can now modify PSScriptAnalyzer settings directly in the PowerShell Tools Options. Go to the Analysis page to turn on Analysis, Solution Wide Analysis, enable specific levels or even turn off specific rules.

Visual Studio Code: Fixed PowerShell Host Initialization

The PowerShell Pro Tools host could fail to initialize so startup operations would not be performed putting the extension in an unknown state. The extension has been fixed to load the host consistenlty.

Visual Studio Code: Fixed PowerShell Host Crash Reinitialization

If the Visual Code PowerShell Host would crash, PowerShell Pro Tools would not reconnect to the PowerShell process. This would prevent it from working.