This version of PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio and PowerShell Pro Tools includes the following features and bug fixes.

You can download the various artifacts from the locations below.

Support for configuring PowerShell options for bundled scripts

You can now configure the PowerShell.exe\Pwsh.exe options for bundled scripts. This allows you to provide arguments such as -NoExit, -ExecutionPolicy and -NoProfile. The end user of your bundled executable will not have the option to modify these options when running the executable. Any option that you could pass to PowerShell.exe or Pwsh.exe will work; aside from -Command.

You can configure this option in Visual Studio by modifying the project properties.

In Visual Studio Code and PowerShell, you can configure this option by passing the PowerShellArguments property to the package configuration.

  Root = '.\script.ps1'
  OutputPath = '.\out'
  Package = @{
    Enabled = $true
    PowerShellArguments = "-NoProfile"

Support for custom task list items in Visual Studio

Previously, the Visual Studio Task List would only show HACK, TODO and UNDONE comments. PoshTools now uses the custom token list as defined in the Visual Studio options. If you prefix a line with a comment starting with one of these tokens (e.g. #HACK:), it will appear in the task list window.

Tags for Project Templates

The PowerShell project templates are now tagged appropriately in Visual Studio 2019.

Fix an issue with the UpDown control in the Form Designer

The form designer for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and PowerShell would incorrectly generate the code for an UpDown control resulting in an error when attempting to execute the script.