Support for VS Code Portable Mode

When installing trial and full licenses in VS Code Portable Mode, the license would be installed into a directory outside of the portable data folder. You can now store your license in the data file so it transfers with the VS Code instance.

Simply place the license in the data folder.

License in data folder

Fixed a bug with running an packaged executable from a path with a space

You can now execute packaged executables from a path with a space. The issue was that the $PSScriptRoot is set for the packaged script. The setting of this variable was what was causing the issue.

Fixed an issue converting from PowerShell To C# in Visual Studio

Due to a mismatch in the Newtonsoft.Json assembly, the code conversion library would fail to load properly and code conversion would fail. The version of the assembly has been lowered to match what is used by Visual Studio.

Fixed an issue with Custom Action execution after uninstall

The sequencing was incorrect for the MSI custom action. The script would be removed before the custom action was executed so when it was executed it would fail to find the file. The sequencing has now been corrected.