PowerShell Pro Tools version 1.6.0 has been released! It contains a few bug fixes and features.

VS2017, PowerShell Module

Released: 8-18-2018

New Features

Application Icons

You can now specify application icons when creating executables. Simply select the icon file from the properties window of your project and your application will now have an icon.

Custom actions for installers

You can now create PowerShell custom actions and schedule them during install or uninstall.

For example, if I had a script that opened notepad when it ran, I could schedule that script as a custom action during installation.

More Robust Module Packaging

Module packaging is now more robust. You should be able to package modules as complex as PowerCLI without a problem. The packaging process now brings along all the necessary assets when modules are packaged into executables.

Issues Resolved

  • #20 – Application Icon
  • #22 – Add Support for PowerShell Script Custom Actions with New-Installer
  • #24 – Warning when packaging script
  • #26 – Error Packaging PowerCLI
  • #28 – Error when adding a second form to project