I’ve purchased a license. When will I receive it?

You should receive your license key in a separate email within 10 minutes of purchase. If you do not receive your key, please contact us with your order number and we will provide a key directly.

Do you process purchase orders?

Yes. Please contact us directly and we can process a purchase order.

Can I use my PowerShell Pro Tools license on more than one machine?

Yes. PowerShell Pro Tools is licensed per user and can be used on any machine where you are the primary user of the machine.

When my Universal Dashboard license expires, will my dashboard continue to work?

Yes. As long as you run a version of Universal Dashboard that was released before the expiration of your license, it will continue to function.

One hour is not enough time to test Universal Dashboard Enterprise. Can I have more time?

The one hour time limit starts when you first run the dashboard. You will have to restart the dashboard after one hour and then you can continue to use the dashboard. This should allow for ample time to develop and evaluate the product. If you still have a concern, please let us know.

I have questions about Universal Dashboard. Should I email you directly?

We encourage you to utilize the Universal Dashboard Forums for questions about the implementation details of the product. If you have feature requests or issues, please file them on GitHub. For licensing questions, please contact us.

I purchased an item through your old store. Can I still login to my account?

No. Our old store is no longer available. Please contact us if you have questions about your previous orders.