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PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio and PowerShell Pro Tools – 4.2.2 Release Notes

Support for VS Code Portable Mode

When installing trial and full licenses in VS Code Portable Mode, the license would be installed into a directory outside of the portable data folder. You can now store your license in the data file so it transfers with the VS Code instance.

Simply place the license in the data folder.

License in data folder

Fixed a bug with running an packaged executable from a path with a space

You can now execute packaged executables from a path with a space. The issue was that the $PSScriptRoot is set for the packaged script. The setting of this variable was what was causing the issue.

Fixed an issue converting from PowerShell To C# in Visual Studio

Due to a mismatch in the Newtonsoft.Json assembly, the code conversion library would fail to load properly and code conversion would fail. The version of the assembly has been lowered to match what is used by Visual Studio.

Fixed an issue with Custom Action execution after uninstall

The sequencing was incorrect for the MSI custom action. The script would be removed before the custom action was executed so when it was executed it would fail to find the file. The sequencing has now been corrected.

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PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio and PowerShell Pro Tools – 4.2.1 Release Notes

Fixed an issue with the Form Designer

When creating a Windows Form in the Forms Designer in VS Code, Visual Studio or PowerShell, running the form would produce an error about an invalid property name.

Fixed an issue with the certificate used to sign PoshTools

The code signing certificate for PoshTools had expired and was causing issues during installation. A new code signing certificate has been used to sign the extension.

Telemetry Data Collection PowerShell Pro Tools for VS Code

Anonymous telemetry data is now sent from the VS Code extension to Application Insights to better understand usage. To opt out of telemetry collection, you can use the poshProTools.enableTelemetry setting. This setting also honors the global telemetry.enableTelemetry setting.

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PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio and PowerShell Pro Tools – 4.2.0 Release Notes

Visual Studio 2019 RC Support

You can now install PoshTools in VS 2019 RC.

Disable Tab Complete in Visual Studio

An option has been added to disable tab complete in Visual Studio for PowerShell scripts.

Fixed issue with param block in Packaged Script

If you had a packaged script with a param block that had cmdlet binding, the packager would incorrectly modify the param block resulting in a failure during execution.

Fixed issue with Module loading in VS Code

The VS Code module would not load if a user had a space in their user profile name.

Fixed issue with file properties not be present in Merge-Script output

The file description, file version, product description, product version and copyright would not be set after packaging a script with Merge-Script.

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Universal Dashboard – Simplified Licensing and Support

Dashboard Licensing

Universal Dashboard licensing has always been complicated to explain. The issue with server based licensing is that it’s hard to define what a server really is. In the world of function apps and containers it gets very blurry. Because of this, we are moving Universal Dashboard to instance, or dashboard-based, licensing. This means it doesn’t matter where you run your dashboard, it’s always the same price. Each instance of your dashboard (or REST API) will require a license. Each license contains the purchased number of instances so you only need to manage one license key.

To take advantage of the new licensing, you’ll need to be running at least Universal Dashboard 2.3.1.

Email Support

Starting today, you’ll also be able to purchase email support along with your license. If you’d like a more formal support package than just the community forums or GitHub, you can purchase this option to enjoy 24-hour response times for your issues directly from the developer.

You can select this option during check out.

Existing Licenses

You will be able to continue to use your existing UD license just as you would before. You can still run as many dashboards with it as you like.

Once your license expires and if you’d like to update to the new version, you will need to purchase a dashboard-based license. I’m happy to provide a discount for those doing so. Please contact me for details.

Volume Discounts

If you have a lot of dashboard licenses to you would like to purchase, please contact me for volume discounts.

Product Integrations

If you’re looking to integrate Universal Dashboard into your product, I’d love to chat.