19 05, 2020

Advanced PowerShell Debugging Techniques

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In this video, I show you how to use some advanced PowerShell debugging techniques. We look at how to debug in the console, debug job, background runspaces, and remote processes. We also used some of the advanced debugging features of

18 05, 2020

PowerShell Universal 1.1

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We’re continuing to expand the PowerShell Universal platform with even more cool features and fixes this week. Since our release last week, we’ve added a handful of great Universal Dashboard tidbits in an effort to achieve feature parity with UDv2.9.

You can download PowerShell Universal from our Downloads page. If you have PSU installed already, you should get a notification of the upgrade shortly.


Security Settings Git Synchronization
The form and authorization policy settings are now synchronized to
10 04, 2020

PowerShell Universal Dashboard v3-beta2

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We’re releasing beta2 of v3 a little ahead of schedule. The original roadmap suggested that we would be focused primarily on charts of this release. Instead, we’re releasing this beta to address issues found in beta 1 and add a